Founded in 1995, Net Direct Inc. an I.T. Engineering and services firm committed to the vision of providing a comprehensive suite of Linux based, open source solutions. Additionally these solutions would focus on helping our customers enhance their business performance through both cost effective Linux based open based software combined with the industries best systems, storage, and networking technologies.

Open Solutions

Open Source based solutions offer great performance, scalability, flexibility to meet the most challenging IT project problems. From the Fortune 500, Cloud Computing, Super Computing, Mobile systems and Embedded Systems Linux and Open Source Enterprise are taking the I.T. industry by storm. That's great!, but how do you decide which of the multitudes of technologies are optimal for the project and your your organization? How should deployment and integration be planned to ensure that your projects will be successful? Who can you turn to help with the proof of concept testing, migration and get support when required?

Net Direct can answer these questions and more. We have been the IT vendor of choice for organizations for over two decades. With our focus on Linux and Open Source solutions, we are not only an industry pioneer, but we and you benefit from the deep and broad experience from hundreds of I.T. project, spanning dozens of disciplines and technologies.

We know the technology and how to deploy, integrate it and support it successfully.


  • High Performance and Technical Computing solutions
  • Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence systems
  • Storage systems block, file, HA and replication
  • Infiniband and Ethernet networking
  • File and print services (Samba)
  • Firewall/VPN services
  • Email (Sendmail, IMAP, POP3)
  • Authentication security & directory services (LDAP)
  • Clustering (HAC, HPC)
  • Proxy servers (Squid, Squidguard)
  • Fax gateways (Hylafax)
  • Web servers (Apache)
  • Databases (MySQL, Oracle)
  • Spam & Virus filtering
  • Linux terminal servers (LTSP)
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP)
  • Microsoft server and desktop integration


Open standards-based hardware platform solution focus provide enable us to provide our clientele with the best suited systems for their projects. Additionally our comprehensive platform and sub-component OEM mfg partnerships provide us with the capabilities to make us one of the most effective I.T. solutions provider in the business. With direct channels to industry leading HPC sub-component OEM, ODM mfg support we are able to provide technologies and advances ahead of our industry competitors.


Because our primary focus is on learning how our customers operate, along with their goals and objectives, we respond with precise designed solutions that are more effective and deliver greater level of project value and success than our competitors.

We enhance the level of support on hardware and from software vendors to ensure reliable operation of the solutions we provide throughout the duration of its use. At Net Direct we are willing and able to support any system configurations based on your needs regardless of vendor-level support limitations.

We have a host of support options available for the most challenging service and operational requirements. From our custom client support and warranty portals, remote monitoring, remote access, our spares parts depot and North American wide service dispatch capabilities.

1-800 phone support customer can reach us on a 24-hour basis across North America. Net Direct truly is your only choice for professional I.T. Engineering, equipment acquisition, integration and services and support.

Contact Net Direct today about how we can enhance your I.T. projects and or operations today!