Consolidation and Migration

Server sprawl is a real problem that is costing IT departments time and money. Consolidation and migration solutions aim to reduce server sprawl. Migration to more powerful servers can also reduce licensing burdens and allow for application co-location.

Net Direct has been performing migration services for over a decade and excels at Unix to Linux, Unix to Unix, and Windows to Unix migrations. As Canada's largest IBM BladeCentre vendor Net Direct has worked with large scale deployments of blades. Blades reduce power consumption, server room rack space and floor space, and increase managability and reliability.

If you have or are considering more than 6 servers.... you should consider purchasing a blade system.

Manage Growth, Complexity & Risk

Unlike a stand-alone server that needs multiple power supplies and fans, individual systems management, numerous cables and a lot of space, IBM BladeCentre is compact and easy to use. The blade contains all the necessities to run an application, processors, memory,               I/O and storage. Components that are duplicated in rack servers, like redundant power, hot-swap cooling, DVD and consolidated management are placed in the BladeCenter chassis and shared. The beauty of the BladeCentre architecture is that now everything needed for the solution can be housed and managed from a single point of control.