The Barry Desktop GUI

Main Screen

Below is the main screen of the Barry Desktop GUI. (Click the buttons in the image to get more detailed help.)

Barry Desktop main screen Launch Backup GUI Sync Mode Modem Launcher Migrate Device Database Browse Mode

The screen is focused on the available modes that the Desktop supports. Each button will either launch an application, or open a new mode or dialog box to accomplish its task.

The red berry in the top left corner is the main menu. It supports the following operations:

  • Enable / disable verbose logging
  • Give a name to the currently selected device
  • Perform a USB reset on the currently selected device
  • Re-scan the USB bus for new devices
  • Display the About dialog
  • Exit

The currently selected device is chosen by the dropdown list in the lower right corner of the screen. This determines which device will be opened for Syncing, Modem, and Database Browsing. Backup and Migrate (Device Switch) have their own methods for selecting devices.

If your device is not password protected, a screenshot is taken and displayed in the lower right hand corner of the screen, as shown.